Mbee ni kuseo na museo!!

Hon. Rose Museo Mumo,
County Women Representative,
Makueni County
About Me

Hon. Rose Museo

I was born and raised in Makueni county. I have been married for 30 years and a proud mother of one child. I was motivated to vie for an elective position by my ability to positively transform lives in the various communities I have worked in. A believer in the potential of women, my role models are former Kibwezi MP, Agnes Ndetei and former Lands Cabinet Secretary and Kitui governor H.E. Charity Ngilu, for their boldness, outspoken and receptive nature and Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa whose dedication to changing women’s lives has borne fruits in the region to date.

After college, I returned to my rural home to serve the community. I worked as a social worker with Action Aid Kenya for 19 years, interacting with communities in Kitui, Mutomo, Isiolo, Wamba, Maralal and the larger Samburu. This experience enabled me to appreciate blending the diverse and unique Kenyan cultures. My involvement with the community, especially women and the youth, saw me vie for the Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization chairperson’s seat in Makueni. I got overwhelming support, with some members urging me to vie for the national seats. 

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Working with the people, for the people

Addressing women of Nguu Masumba in Makueni County during one of county women meetings.

Distributing food to some needy families in lower Mbooni


Experienced, Honest & Successful

A visionary, down to earth, service driven leader who puts the interests of the people before self

Years Serving
Wards Suporting
Women Empowered
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What People Say About Hon. Rose Museo

Hon. Rose Museo has received praise & admiration for her achievements and dedication from friends and foe alike. This has been exemplified by her appointments to various national positions such as parliamentary committees, national chair of PWDs and much more…