My Promises

my promises

What I Will Fight For

Affirmative Groups

Economic empowerment of women, youth & people living with disabilities though agri-business , value addition & access to markets

Capacity Building

Empowering women in terms of development & leadership through training, & impacting skills to give them a competitive advantage

Social Centers

Establishing social centers for women and youth to nature and grow their talents in music, arts, cultural etc


Transform my network of 65 CBOs to SACCOs and to a bank in the future, which will enable them grow their loan portfolio and access cheap credit for their businesses.

Healthy Living

Enabling women/families to live a healthy lifestyle through establishing kitchen gardens & providing water tanks for water harvesting

Second Chance !

Getting girls who have dropped out of school due to early marriages and sending them back to school. Experience has shown us that they perform very well

Support Groups

Establish support groups for women that will encourage them to open up on family challenges affecting their lives including GBV, domestic violence etc

Girl Child / Boy Child Protection

Many children go through traumatizing events in their childhood including rape, sodomy,(especially by long distance truckers) violence, drugs, alcoholism, 'miraa' etc

Education Bursaries

Assist parents with humble backgrounds meet the school fees needs of their children. If left alone, many children drop out of school which could lead to a vicious cycle of poverty